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IPROFLEX®_35PA_SI is a protective hose made of Ø 0.25 mm PA 6.6 monofi­la­ments with a silver coating. This tube reduces the radiation of HF and low-frequency fields, through handy, micro­waves, radar, trans­mitters, etc., by approx 99%. Furthermore one can be used for low-frequency electric fields, because of power lines, power cables or similar causes.

Because of its light­weight design made of PA6.6 the IPROFLEX®_35PA_SI is in contrast to solutions made of metal, a light processing and cutting ability without risk of injury or metal britt­leness during movements.

Due to its parti­cu­larly high surface protection and the feed material, it is distin­guished by a parti­cu­larly high mecha­nical protective effect.**

**the prices for this product are calcu­lated based on current precious metal prices and may vary rapidly.

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